Collect donations to mark Birthdays, Celebrations or Milestones

  • A wonderful way to support us and help spread the word about our cause is to ask your family and friends to make a Tax-Deductible donation in lieu of gifts at your upcoming birthday party, celebration or milestone event.
  • We can arrange donation envelopes and a blood drop money box for you to collect donations.
  • Where donors provide their contact details, we will provide personalised letters of thanks and Tax Receipts in honour of you.
  • We can even set up a special Online Fundraising page on your behalf, highlighting your upcoming celebrations – an easy place for your family and friends to make a Tax-Deductible donation. This page will allow you to see how much you have raised in real time.
  • Please complete the Birthdays, Celebrations and Milestones Form and we will be in touch – and thank you so much for supporting us in this way!