More than 1000 participants have taken part in our clinical trials at the Haematology Clinical Research Unit at Concord Hospital.

This supports their hopes for a cure and a better quality of life by giving them access to innovative treatments, long before they are publicly available.

Haematological malignancies are rare but are often curable or at least treatable, with a plethora of emerging medicines rapidly improving the standards of care.

There are more than 40 clinical trials currently underway for Haematology patients at the Clinical Research Unit at Concord Hospital – the largest clinical research unit for blood cancers in NSW.

World Class Care, locally

Mission Statement

Concord Hospital’s Haematology Department:

'Participation in quality clinical trials is the standard for providing 'world's best care locally'.

This Mission underpins a commitment to

accessing emerging therapies for patients through a diverse portfolio of clinical trials

contributing independently to evidence-based medicine.

The Haematology Department’s experienced team of haematologists, pathologists, radiologists and radiation oncologists discuss patients’ treatment plans in their multidisciplinary team meetings.

Blood cancer patients are provided with

  • treatments that are publicly available through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS)
  • emerging medicines through clinical trial options.

This ensures all patients are provided with the best treatment options for their disease.

Our haematologists are all GCP certified – GCP (Good Clinical Practice) is the international standard for conducting clinical research.

Why Participate in Clinical Trials?

There are many benefits from participating in clinical trials including:

  • Gives participants access to the newest drugs available at the forefront of research.
  • Participants access innovative therapies not available on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) and therefore not publicly funded. These therapies could otherwise cost the participant tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Contributes to medicine and science.
  • Provides benefits for future patients (speeds the development of effective therapies).

Financial Independence

Clinical Trials Nurses

Patients diagnosed with a blood cancer may be asked to consider participating in one of our clinical trials.

If they choose to participate, patients will have their own Care Coordinator, who will help them navigate the treatment process, along with support from our Haematology Specialists, Research Nurses and Data Managers.